ESTHER DE REU is also known as MC JUSTICE in the music industry and she is a professional Singer/Songwriter and Dancer.Esther grew up in the city of Enschede in The Netherlands.  Esther de Reu’s talents were discovered at a young age, at age 13 she was already performing onstage with major producers. Working on national and internationals projects in theatre and television. Collaborating with famous artists such as Franky B, K-SHAW, DUTCH BAND POSTMEN and remixes for DJ GIEL BEELEN. She also expanded on her solo career, having performances and appearances from London to Austria, with multiple top 40 hit records worldwide. Esther de Reu specializes in various music styles such as Dance Music – Eclectic/Electro – Reggaeton – Urban and Pop. Currently Esther de Reu is working on her solo album.

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